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The Faculty of Touristic and Commercial Management
Accredited faculty
Specialization: The Economy of commerce, tourism and services


  Admission to Bachelor�s degree completion program is based on the overall average score obtained at the Baccalaureate; this is the only requirement. If the students situated on the final position have the same score, they will be differentiated according to the score they got at the Romanian written exam - part of the Baccalaureate exams.


Stage 1: JULY 2013 Session

Open days: June 10th �July 31st, 2013
Display of the list of the admitted candidates: August 1st, 2013

Compulsory payment of the first rate of the annual fee (a minimum of 25% of the total annual fee): August 1st, 2013 � August 14th, 2013

Stage 2: SEPTEMBER 2013 Session

Open days: August 1st �September 27th, 2013
Display of the list of the admitted candidates: September 28th, 2013

Compulsory payment of the first rate of the annual fee (a minimum of 25% of the total annual fee): September, 28th, 2013 � October 5th, 2013.


Bachelor�s degree program outline: THE ECONOMY OF COMMERCE, TOURISM AND SERVICES:
  • Duration of course: 3 years (daily attendance): intake- 600
  • Duration of course: 3 years (low- frequency attendance): intake- 350


  • 550 € - daily attendance
  • 550 € - low-frequency attendance

The fee will be paid in RON, according to the BNR (the Romanian National Bank) exchange rate of the day.

Registration fee: 100 RON

Documents required for registration:

  1. Standard application form (at the secretariat of the faculty)
  2. Baccalaureate diploma (original and legal copy);
  3. Bachelor�s diploma � legal copy (for graduate students applying for a second faculty);
  4. Study certificate for foreign candidates or Romanian candidates from different countries and for the candidates from the Republic of Moldavia;
  5. Language certificate (for foreign candidates);
  6. Legal copy of the birth certificate;
  7. Legal Xerox copy of the ID;
  8. Legal copy of the marriage certificate (if the candidate is married);
  9. Standard medical certificate issued by the family doctor;
  10. Four photos (3 cm x 4 cm);
  11. Receipt proving the registration fee payment.
  12. Envelope file.

Further information regarding ADMISSION 2013 for the Bachelor�s degree completion program: download here..

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