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Commerce-Tourism Department

Year of study 2013-2014

Department Manager

Associate ProfessorANCA CRISTEA

Department Board:

  • Lecturer Nedea Petronela Sonia, PhD.
  • Lecturer Pascu Emilia, PhD.
  • Assistant lecturer Crenicean Luminita Cecilia, PhD.

Department Members:

  • Associate Professor Baltaretu Andreea, PhD.
  • Lecturer Mocanu Mihaela, PhD.
  • Lecturer Birchall Ana, PhD.
  • Lecturer Ionescu Liliana Roxana, PhD.
  • Lecturer Burda Alexandru, PhD.
  • Lecturer Tanasoiu Nicolae, PhD. candidate
  • Lecturer Coconoiu Diana, PhD. candidate
  • Lect.univ. drd. Vasiliu Elena
  • Assistant lecturer Orheian Mihaela Oana, PhD. candidate
  • Assistant lecturer Univ Ulmeanu Petruta, PhD. candidate
  • Assistant lecturer Mihaescu Cristina, PhD. candidate
  • Assistant lecturer Melinte Irina,PhD. candidate
  • Junior teaching assistant Perez Danielescu Patricio Dominic,PhD. candidate

Professor Manoela Popescu, PhD.





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