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Cantemir Expo Contest


The 3rd year students of The Faculty of Touristic and Commercial Management, keen on advertising creation had the possibility to assert themselves in a contest which consisted in the elaboration of some proposals for press releases and publicity on the theme “Promoting “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University”, the contest objectives being the following:

  • Developing and maintaining the interest of students in the advertising domain through active involvement;
  • Interdisciplinary approach of the topics: marketing, promotional techniques, informatics etc.;
  • Stimulation of critical and creative thinking;
  • Making an honest confrontation, involving students in additional activities which will attract and motivate them, diversification of the young generation’s concerns;
  • Making an exhibition with the works participating in the contest;


The works have been graded by the Contest Commission according to the following criteria:

  • Originality of the creative idea;
  • Presence of all specific components of such an approach;
  • Impact of the message for the announced communication target;
  • Relevance of the used attraction elements;
  • Clarity and relevance of the images use;
  • Font size and readability;
  • Harmonious page layout of all the elements.

The Contest Commission was made of:
President: DUMITRESCU CORINA ADRIANA - Rector of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University
Members: IANOS-SCHILLER ELENA – Vice-rector of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University
    ZAHARIA VALENTINA – Dean of the Faculty of Marketing
    BALTARETU ANDREEA – Vice-dean of The Faculty of Touristic and Commercial Management
Secretary:PAVEL CAMELIA – Lecturer PhD. at The Faculty of Touristic and Commercial Management

Award Winning works

1st prize - Victor Toma Florin (3rd year, gr. 17) see
2nd prize - Tabarca Cosmin (3rd year, gr. 16) see
3rd prize - Bodomoi Andreea Lorena (3rd year, gr. 3) see
Honourable award 1 - Puenaru Ionut Marian (3rd year, gr. 13)- see
Honourable award 2 - Volintiru Mihaela (3rd year, gr. 15)

Announcement: organization of awarding ceremony

All the winning participating works in the contest are presented below



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