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The organization and content of the final exam (Bachelorís exam)


     The end of the studies consists of a Bachelorís exam, organized according to the Regulation regarding the organization of the Bachelorís exam as an overall exam which certifies the assimilation of the cognitive and professional competencies corresponding to higher education qualification.

The Bachelorís exam is organized in two sessions Ė July and February - every year and has two parts:
1) the written exam assessing basic and specialty knowledge;
2) the oral exam: the preparation and presentation of the final paper is based on the Bachelorís themes and on the list with scientific coordinators. This information is displayed on the notice board of the faculty at the beginning of the academic year.

The studentsí steady professional training reflected in the scores they got at the exam has determined a high number of graduates of our faculty. There are more than 90% graduates out of the total number of students who have taken this exam in the last three years (Bologna system).


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