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Year of study 2013-2014
Department Manager

Associate professor DANIELA POPA, PhD.

Department Board:

  1. Lecturer Dosescu Tatiana, PhD.
  2. Lecturer Jalba Luminita, PhD.
  3. Lecturer Pavel Camelia, PhD.


Department Members:

  1. Professor Popescu Manoela, PhD - Dean MTC
  2. Prof. univ. dr. Zaharia Valentina - Dean Marketing
  3. Associate professor Gogu Emilia, PhD
  4. Associate professor Balaceanu Cristina,PhD– Marketing
  5. Lecturer Marinescu Gheorghe,PhD – Marketing
  6. Lecturer Ciobota Gheorghe,PhD– Marketing
  7. Lecturer Constantinescu Mihaela,PhD– Marketing
  8. Lecturer Boaja Dan,PhD– Marketing
  9. Lecturer Duta Oana, PhD
  10. Lecturer Milea Oana, PhD- Marketing
  11. Lecturer Dragut Bogdanel, PhD
  12. Lecturer Stancu Daniela, PhD
  13. Lecturer Toader Bogdan, PhD
  14. Lecturer Stefan Daniel Laurentiu, PhD
  15. Assistant Lecturer Stancu Ramona, PhD. candidate
  16. Assistant Lecturer Defta Costinela-Luminita,PhD. candidate
  17. Assistant Lecturer Dogaru Mirela,PhD. candidate - Marketing
  18. Assistant Lecturer Ilie Elena,PhD. candidate - Marketing
  19. Assistant Lecturer Moise Nicoleta,PhD. candidate - Marketing
  20. Assistant Lecturer Aron Georgiana,PhD. candidate
  21. Assistant Lecturer Pavel Adina,PhD. candidate
  22. Junior Teaching Assistant Baciu Iacob,PhD. candidate
  23. Junior Teaching Assistant Paduraru George,PhD. candidate

Professor Manoela Popescu, PhD.
Professor Valentina Zaharia, PhD.


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