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Master’s Program: Business Administration and Negotiation (accredited by ARACIS)
Manager: Senior Lecturer Ph.D. Cezar Militaru.
Form of study: FULL-TIME
Duration of the study program: 4 semesters



     The Faculty of Touristic and Commercial Management has always been interested in creating, extending and improving the master programs as an essential part of the education process.

The graduates of The Faculty of Touristic and Commercial Management can continue their further education by Master studies. The Business Administration and Negotiation Master program, extending over four semesters and having 120 credits, has been functioning within the faculty since 2011.

The Business Administration and Negotiation Master program was accredited by the Minister of Education, Research, Youth and Sports by the Order no. 4360/2011 regarding the accreditation of higher education Master study programs evaluated by the Romanian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (ARACIS).

The Master program contributes to professional development and stimulates the young people’s capacity to adjust to the demands and evolution on the labor market, which is so sensitive to the new changes of the business environment.

The program is meant to prepare human resources for specific needs of the economic agents and institutions in Romania, within the main sectors of economy or public administration.

It is a new program which introduces complementary disciplines in accordance with the necessities for developing the Romanian socio-economic environment, supporting the main demands of the current economic situation.

The Business Administration and Negotiation Master program is interdisciplinary. The curriculum is conceived so that it can provide a general understanding of the problems regarding business administration and negotiation and, at the same time, it creates practical skills which support the competitiveness of the young specialists involved in accomplishing the organization’s objectives.



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