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Accredited Faculty




Master’s Degree Program: Tourism Business Management (accredited by ARACIS)
Director: Senior Lecturer PhD. Andreea Băltăretu
Program established in 2008
Type of education: Full-time
Duration of study program: 4 semesters



“Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University was granted by  the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education the  “High Trust Dgree”, the highest qualitication awarded in Romania to a higher education institution. This certification was given on July 22, 2010, further to institutional evaluation process and represents the appreciation of academic quality for education and research, of the managerial activity, of the internal procedures for quality assurance, of complying with all the criteria required for an effective education process.

Therefore, your diploma has an additional value, coming from an university evaluated and fitted in for the maximum rating by an Agency registered with the European Register. You will be the graduate of the first national educational system of higher education institutionally evaluated with “High Trust Dgree”.

The master’s degree program is ACCREDITED according to the Order no. 4630/2010 of the Minister of Education, Research, Youth and Sport on approving the master’s degree university study programs evaluated by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. It obtained the highest rating that may be given to master’s degree programs, “Trust”, guarantee of value of our diplomas and in the field of master’s degree studies.

In addition, the Master’s Degree Program provides, according to the Order no. 1866/2010 for the approval of Methodological norms on criteria and methodology for the issuance of license and patent in tourism, obtaining a diploma for the “efficient management of an accommodation facility or a tourism agency that has to be provided by a natural person with touristic license in the field … or bachelor’s degree/master’s degree diploma concerning the graduation of academic courses in the field of tourism… The tourism license for manager in tourism activity is issued for a graduate, upon the bachlor’s degree examination, of an accredited faculty with major in tourism, graduate of a master’s degree or doctor’s degree in tourism.”

Director of Master's Degree Program,
Senior Lecturer PhD. Andreea Baltaretu

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