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The Faculty of Touristic and Commercial Management

SPECIALIZATION: the Economy of Commerce, Tourism and Services


   Economic internship within The Faculty of Touristic and Commercial Management is included in the curriculum of the students in the second year of study, the fourth semester.
Economic internship takes place within partner -business firms. The faculty signs internship agreements with these firms and with other economic institutions in the field of commerce and tourism. The students may choose to have the internship on their own.

The economic internship lasts for 3 weeks, 6 hours a day, a total number of 90 hours according to the curriculum.

There is a final exam (colloquium) assessing the papers (internship certificate, internship notebook) and the presentation of an individual project made by getting and working on the information regarding the business firm.

The aim of the internship is accomplishing certain objectives such as:
- getting to know the economic activity as a system;
- the possibility to understand the concept of economic activity development in practice;
- creating the necessary skills for practical application of theoretic knowledge in order to find solutions for real problems;
- getting competencies that are specific to the economic activities within commercial, touristic and service companies;
- understanding the context of the organization where the economist works;
- getting information regarding the problems that the authorities and the institutions involved in business administration are facing;
- identifying the problems that are specific to the Romanian business firms within the economic crisis context;
- creating the skills that are necessary to communicate at the institution level and among institutions;
- research for the Bachelor paper.

List with internship data of the faculty (2008-2013) - download here

Internship report for the second study year (DAILY and LOW FREQUENCY), 2012-2013 - download here


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