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    Table of contents - 2010

    1. Service supply and demand – methodology and trends
    Viorica Ionascu; Dominic Perez Danielescu
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: service supply, service demand, consumption need, need categories, service demand methods of analysis;

    2. Aspects concerning the implications brought by the e-commerce development on the Romanian companies in the context of the economic crisis
    Manoela Popescu; Luminita Cecilia Crenicean
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: world economic crisis, development, e-commerce, companies, crisis’ effects;

    3. The communications impact on personal development and organizational performance in the economy based on knowledge
    Manoela Popescu; Dorin Vicentiu Popescu
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: communication, communication abilities, personal efficiency, organizational development, communication communities;

    4. A Glimpse into the Realm of Symbolic Communication
    Irina Eleonora Melinte
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: communication, semiotics, symbol;

    5. The European consumer’s profile in a global world  
    Viorica Ionascu; Daniela Vladu
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: consumer, financial active, customer typology, consumer behaviour;

    6. The implications of the globalizing phenomena
    Daniela Popa; Camelia Popa
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: globalization, regional cooperation, sustainable development, knowledge society, sovereignty;

    7. Balkans globalization
    Petronela-Sonia Nedea
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: globalization, the particularize and localize of the Balkans;

    8. EU in the globalization context
    Daniela Popa; Camelia Popa
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: globalization, regional cooperation, sustainable development, knowledge society, sovereignty;

    9. The analysis of the violence in the road traffic. Expressions forms and the effects related to the level of violence.
    George Lucian Costiniu
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: violence in traffic, profile of aggressive driver, market research, traffic safety, car accident statistics, causes of accidents;

    10. Particularities of the ecotourism in China
    Andreea Baltaretu
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: protected areas, biodiversity, ecotourism;

    11. Considerations on the definition of food quality on the EU market
    Alexandru Burda
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: quality, demand, consumption, integration, food, European Union;

    12. Freedom and regulatory intervention in the functioning of the economic system
    Ion Popescu; Doinita Liliana Popescu
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: free market, mixed and command economy, economic performances, theoretical pattern of market economy, new liberalism;

    13. Macroeconomic indicators
    Loredana Ionela Vaduva
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: macroeconomic indicators, national economy, macroeconomic analysis, domestic product, national product, national income;

    14. Tangible and intangible dimensions of business value
    Roxana Arabela Dumitrascu; Vadim Dumitrascu
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: goodwill, intangible assets, intangible investment, intellectual capital, fuzzy sets;

    15. The role of mass media in modern democracy
    Camelia Pavel
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: media, communication;

    16. Identity, image and corporate reputation
    Vadim Dumitrascu; Roxana Arabela Dumitrascu
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: identity, image, reputation, communication, coherence, organizational culture;

    This issue
    June 2010, Volume 1, pp.1-118

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