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    Table of contents - 2009

    1. The ethical issue in professional culture space
    Mihaela Apostol
    | Abstract |
    Keywords: ethics, professional culture, business ethics, communication, morality;

    2. The quality management regarding the Romanian air transport within the context of the global economic crisis
    Dragut Bogdanel
    | Abstract |
    Keywords: quality, air transportation, standard, services, demands;

    3. Certification of products and services - essential condition to increase confidence in quality of the products and services provided to customers
    Oana Mihaela Orheian
    | Abstract |
    Keywords: certification, conformity certificate, conformity trademark, mandatory certification, voluntary certification, CE trademark;

    4. A Romanian food consumer profile in the context of globalization
    Alexandru Burda
    | Abstract |
    Keywords: foodstuff, consumer, market, own consumption, self-sufficiency;

    5. Competitiveness under the crisis conditions by providing the clients with higher quality service   
    Emilia Pascu
    | Abstract |
    Keywords: customer service, sales, profits, strategic objective, increase loyalty;

    6. The importance of the north-western area for the development of the Romanian agro-tourism
    Daniela Georgiana Stancu
    | Abstract |
    Keywords: North-West area, agro tourism, development;

    7. The strategy model for the quality of agro-touristic services in Romania
    Daniela Georgiana Stancu
    | Abstract |
    Keywords: agro-tourism, strategy, quality, methodological model, sustainable development;

    8. The financial analysis and interpretation of the information presented in the financial reports – from presentation to analysis, from interpretation to decision
    Claudia Diana Popa
    | Abstract |
    Keywords: supply of accounting information, financial reports, financial analysts, forecast;

    9. Reverse logistics – “the green logistics”. General issues
    Luminita Cecilia Crenicean; Loredana Vaduva
    | Abstract |
    Keywords: Green Logistics, Reverse Logistics, waste, inverse fluxes;

    10. Rules regarding the use of food additives within the European Union
    Mihaela Daniela Vladu
    | Abstract |
    Keywords: food additive, usage rules, guidelines, Codex Alimentarius, nutrient White Paper on Food Safety, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA);

    11. The investment – part and parcel of achieving economic growth
    Roxana Ionescu Davidescu
    | Abstract |
    Keywords: investment, investment efficiency, equity, funds, investment risk;

    12. The quality of the information in the financial reports - Created truth and reflected truth. Loyalty, innovation and creativity in accounting
    Claudia Diana Popa
    | Abstract |
    Keywords: creative accounting, fair value, cosmetic techniques, accounting ethics;

    13. Creative accounting practices regarding company liquidity and solvency
    Luminita Jalba
    | Abstract |
    Keywords: liquidity, solvency, accounting, creative accounting practices, credit, bankruptcy, debt, availability of funds, stocks, securities;

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    June 2009, Volume 1, pp.1-98

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