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    The Annals of "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University - Economy, Commerce and Tourism Series is the multi-disciplinary online journal of The Faculty of Touristic and Commercial Management which is a faculty of "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University. Since the publication of our first online issue in 2009, the Annals of "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University - Economy, Commerce and Tourism Series has provided, and continues to provide, a vital conduit for scholarly work that offers practical approaches to the issues that our society faces. The journal is designed to enhance knowledge about matters of current interest to professionals in the fields of economics, business and society, with a particular interest in tourism, trade and other services.

    Because our mission is to bring the highest quality research to the widest possible audience, in 2009 the Annals of "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University - Economy, Commerce and Tourism Series has been launched, that is the online edition to the journal Analele Universitatii, Seria: Economie, Comert si Turism, a paper edition founded in 2004, ISSN 1842-9459. The online edition has been published yearly and, since 2013, the journal Annals of "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University - Economy, Commerce and Tourism Series has been a biannual publication with the content solely in English.

    The aims of the Annals of "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University - Economy, Commerce and Tourism Series are to redefine and reinvigorate the intersection between economics and business, and to exploit the enthusiasm of academic scholars and social scientists for their subject to create stimulating articles, because our philosophy starts from the assumption that everyone's viewpoint is potentially a source of illumination. Our ethos is therefore that all opinions are entitled to respect, and our journal is the best way to show them that respect.

    It publishes original academic research and papers of the highest scholarly standard through both empirical and theoretical work. Empirical papers may be qualitative as well as quantitative, and theoretical papers will not be confined to deductive model-building. Papers suggestive of more generalizable insights into the economy as a domain of social action will be preferred over narrowly specialized work. While firmly committed to the highest standards of scholarly excellence, the Annals of "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University - Economy, Commerce and Tourism Series encourages manuscripts of the practical and ethical dimensions of economic action, with the intention to contribute to both the advancement of social science and the building of a better economy within our society.

    Being a multi-disciplinary journal, topics up for articles will range from the ethics of global warming to the different mathematical models to economic problems, and from corporate social responsibility to the factors that affecting businesses and economies at national and international level.

    Suitable papers in the following fields will be also considered: market restructuring, organizational behaviour, international trade, forecasting of demand for goods and services, or different approaches to measuring development in both macroeconomic and microeconomic level, as well as examining the decisions and actions of individual people and companies.

    New methodological approaches are particularly welcome, as are the exchange of critical comments on important topics in economics and business. Other key topics covered are likely to include marketing, entrepreneurship and human resources.

    The journal is steered by a distinguished team of Editors and an Editorial Board, that is geographically diverse and represent a wide variety of disciplines. Submitted papers are refereed on the spatial dimensions of contemporary socio-economic change, and are evaluated on the basis of their creativity, significance, clarity and as well as by the authors' contribution to advancing understanding of economic systems and global economic change, in order to ensure both high quality and relevance for an applied audience.

    The journal accepts manuscripts from both national and international authors, and is available at no cost to authors, readers, or subscribers.

    The Editorial Board invites the submission of manuscripts from professionals in the fields of economics, business and society and in related fields of study. The types of manuscripts accepted fall under the following categories and are refereed by at least two Editorial Board members, reviewers, and/or professionals in the same or related field of study:

    Primary or original research studies - this is the most common type of journal manuscript. The Original Research format is suitable for many different fields and different types of studies. Primary or original research studies include cohort studies, survey research, methodological studies and evaluation research.
    Secondary or integrative studies - it refers to materials that summarize, repackage, draw conclusions or reference the primary research. Integrative studies include review articles, meta-analyses, guidelines, decision analyses, and economic analyses.
    Other types of journal articles - include articles that are not research based, such as editorials, case studies and letters to the editor.

    Further information about the journal is available here.


    Volume 4 - June 2012

    Volume 3 - June 2011

    Volume 2 - June 2010

    Volume 1 - June 2009

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