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    Before writing a paper, authors are advised to visit the Guide for authors that contain detailed information about format, length limits, figure preparation, and similar matters.

    If your questions are not answered on these pages or through our recommended guidelines below, we suggest you contact the journal's editorial office for further guidance before submitting. Contact information for the editorial office can be found here.

    We also strongly recommend that authors read a few issues of the journal to which they wish to submit, to obtain a sense of the level, length and readership of the journal. Looking at the print issue, or at PDFs in the online edition, is particularly useful for details such as presentation of figures or style of reference numbering.

    The journals are read mainly by professional scientists, so authors can avoid unnecessary simplification or didactic definitions. However, many readers are outside the immediate discipline of the author(s), so clarity of expression is needed to achieve the goal of comprehensibility.


    Review Process
    Members of the Editorial Board, the editor and qualified reviewers review the manuscripts. The peer review takes place, involving two reviewers (per article) with expertise in the specific domain that is being addressed. Journal attempts to convey the reviewer's comments about the manuscripts to the authors within two weeks. Accepted pending revision manuscripts will be re-reviewed by the Editorial Board.

    Articles must be sent in electronic format, in English to the editor. The article sent for publishing will be accompanied by a short description which must contain complete contact details (first name, last name), affiliation (Department, Faculty, University, address of university), including those necessary for technical correspondence (phone, fax, email). The editor and assistant editors select the materials complying with the technical editing norms. The rest of the materials are eliminated from the reviewing process. At least two members of the Editorial Board make an initial assessment of the scientific relevance of the article and nominate the reviewers to produce an informed opinion.

    Proofs and Reprints
    E-mail attachment as electronic proof will be sent to the corresponding author as a PDF file. The final version of the manuscripts will be considered the page proofs. No changes will be made in the manuscript at the proof stage except clerical or typographical errors. Authors will have electronic access to the full text (PDF) of the article and can download the PDF file from which they can print unlimited copies of their articles.

    The work described should not have been published before nor should it be under publication elsewhere (except in the form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture, or thesis). Authors agree to automatic transfer of the copyright to the publisher when the manuscript is accepted for publication. The authors will fill in, sign, scan and send back the Statement of Originality.

    Guidlines for authors

    Paper template 1

    Paper template 2 - simplified version.


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