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    Table of contents - 2012

    1. Reflections on communication culture in the knowledge-based economy
    Manoela Popescu
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: communication, culture, information, knowledge;

    2. Tourism in the natural protected areas in the context of economic crisis
    Andreea Baltaretu
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: national parks, natural parks, preservation, biodiversity, natural heritage;

    3. Reforming and transforming the global food industry: solutions and directions
    Alexandru Burda
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: foodstuff, consumer, sustainable, resources, biodiversity;

    4. Considerations on firm's location in the context of clusters formation
    Manoela Popescu; Luminita Cecilia Crenicean
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: clusters, competitiveness, location, location, development;

    5. The role of quality of services in tourism activity
    Emilia Pascu; Oana Mihaela Orheian
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: quality, services, products, consumers;

    6. Redefining the role of distribution and its relationship with production
    Alexandru Burda
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: distribution, production, logistics, trends, relationship;

    7. Some considerations on globalization and its effects on education
    Mihaela Mocanu; Elena Vasiliu; Ramona Stancu
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: globalization, globalism, global village, webinar, global skills, multiculturalism, uniformization, mobility, brain drain, competitiveness;

    8. The advantages of using factoring, as financing technique on international transactions market
    Oana Mihaela Orheian
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: adherent, factor, international trade.

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    June 2012, Volume 4, pp.1-112

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