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    Table of contents - 2011

    1. The tourist district model of competitiveness for economic development in local territorial
    Maurizio Lanfranchi; Carlo Giannetto
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: local communities, local tourism system, organizational dimension, territory, tourist district;

    2. Business excellence models for Romanian SMEs
    Cezar Militaru; Adina Pavel
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: business excellence, TQM, quality prizes;

    3. Intercultural negotiations
    Cristina Mihaescu
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: negotiation, negotiator, culture, business, negotiation style;

    4. The atmosphere at the workplace, an asset for higher productivity
    Loredana Ionela Vaduva
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: productivity, employee, efficiency, factors, communication;

    5. The need to introduce total quality management, a prerequisite for maintaining competitive advantage in the marketplace 
    Oana Mihaela Orheian
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: competitive advantage, profit, customer satisfaction;

    6. The application of sustainability criteria at the built environment. Starting or finishing point?
    Irina V. Dragulanescu; Angelina De Pascale
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: sustainability, built environment, closed cycle approach;

    7. The ways of perfection managerial accounting and cost calculation
    Gheorghe Lepadatu
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: managerial accounting, standard cost, budget;

    8. Computation and analysis of deviations from cost reports
    Vasile Bleotu
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: standard cost, accounting, deviations;

    9. The cost-benefit analysis in the management of it projects
    Doina Maria Tilea
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: costs, benefits, risks;

    10. The role of specific legislation in combating undeclared work and its socio-economic effects
    Baciu Iacob
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: underground economy, work legislation, tax burden, taxes, fiscality;

    11. Keys for successful growth strategies for entrepreneurs after economic crisis
    Georgeta Ilie
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: early-stage companies, growth strategies, opportunities and risks, growth accelerators, growth challenges;

    12. New forms of sustainable tourism through the valorisation of the rural territory: the wine roads
    Maurizio Lanfranchi; Carlo Giannetto
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: rural tourism, thematic tours, wine routes, wine tourists;

    13. Third millennium, globalization of communication and the communication’s significance in crisis situations
    Constantinescu Liliana-Aurora; Constantinescu Adrian
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: communication, globalization of communication, communication in crisis situations;

    14. International trade is resuming its normal upward trajectory
    Octavian-Liviu Olaru; Livia-Irina Olaru
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: export, import, international trade, rebound;

    15. 2011 - a pivotal year for the global economic recovery
    Octavian-Liviu Olaru; Livia-Irina Olaru
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: economic recovery, rebalancing, cooperation;

    16. Ecotourism: important segment of the Romanian tourism
    Irina V. Dragulanescu; Adriana Ionescu
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: ecotourism, ecotourist, ecotourism resources, protected areas, ecotourism programs

    17. Optimizing purchasing management of non-product-related goods and services
    Corina Pop Sitar
    | Abstract | Full text |
    Keywords: purchasing management, optimization, control;

    This issue
    June 2011, Volume 1, pp.1-140

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