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The Faculty of Touristic and Commercial Management



Professional competencies:

  • Performance in commerce, tourism and services;
  • Management of the relationship with the clients and suppliers;
  • Management and supply of material and financial resources;
  • Ensuring performance quality in commerce, tourism and services;
  • Assistance in human resource management.

Cross competencies:

  • Applying the norms and values of professional ethics to own strategies for hard, efficient and responsible work;
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities in a multi-specialized team and applying techniques for efficient team -relationships and teamwork;
  • Identifying opportunities for continuous professional development and efficient improvement of the learning resources and techniques for personal development.

By the content of the disciplines in the curriculum, the Bachelor’s degree study program provides the graduates with field -competencies which meet the requirements on the Romanian and European labor market and Classification of Occupations in Romania.


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